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Know who to contact, how to contact them, and what to say.

This site privides daily call to action scripts reflecting the latest issues created by the Trump administration. 

Who We Are: We are a non-partisan group of citizens who are deeply concerned about the increased risk of the United States sliding towards autocracy under the Trump administration. We believe the ingredients necessary for autocracy to flourish are now present in American politics, including:

Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress — in the simplest and easiest way possible. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure they are delivered and that your representatives take them seriously. 

5 Calls provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy. It uses your location to find your local representatives so your calls have more impact.

This site encourages you take an oath to defend the Constitution, select a right to defend, then learn how you can work to preserve that right.

This guide provides Washington DC residents with thirteen actions that they can take, even without legislative representation.

Text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your state & federal legislative rep phone numbers. 

This site displays a dashboad and timeline of the level of worry across a spectrum of topics, including racism, conflicts of interest, the environment, immigration, healthcare and others. It then presents a variety of actions you can take.

A simple guide to how you can throw sand in the Trump administration’s gears. You can resist from the comfort of your own desk.

Can't get through on the phone? Not comfortable talking to strangers? This site gets your message through via fax. You can send a MS Word or Acrobat PDF file, or you can just type something up on the spot.

This site helps you to contact your legislators to let them know that you support a National Popular Vote bill. The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This is a service provided by Creative Majority PAC.

"All you have to do is text the word DAILY to the number 228466 (A-C-T-I-O-N). You’ll be prompted to enter your ZIP code and that’s it—you’re signed up. You will subsequently receive one text message every workday about an issue that we have determined to be urgent based on where you live.

A powerful tool from Countable for sending your message via text or video.

Thank you to the millions of people around the world who, on January 21, came together by the millions at Women's Marches around the world to raise our voices. But our march forward does not end here. Now is the time to get our friends, family and community together and MAKE HISTORY.

Over 65 million Americans rejected Donald Trump on Election Day. What if we came together every day to fight for our vision of a diverse, inclusive America? Together, we can use our voices to remind Congress that they work for all of us.

Use your wallet to amplify your voice. Find out which retailers carry Trump brands, companies whose CEOs endorsed and campaigned for Trump, media outlets that

Our climate, our civil rights, and our way of life are under attack. Join the fight now.

He promised a wall.
He will be stopped by a Wall of Us.

How? Four concrete acts of resistance delivered to your inbox each week

Want to know where to write your Congressperson or Senator? 

Want to know who's on which House or Senatorial Committee or subcomittee?

Donald Trump is the biggest popular vote loser in history to ever call himself President. In spite of the fact that he has no mandate, he will attempt to use his congressional majority to reshape America in his own racist, authoritarian, and corrupt image. If progressives are going to stop this, we must stand indivisibly opposed to Trump and the members of Congress (MoCs) who would do his bidding. Together, we have the power to resist — and we have the power to win.