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The Ruckus Society defines direct action as the strategic use of immediately effective acts to achieve a political or social end and challenge an unjust power dynamic. Actions can empower a generation, catapult an issue onto the international stage, and force political change. Yet, actions can also be poorly executed or harmful to your group and goals. This guide is here to help you design a strategic action.

Usually, actions take place within campaigns, and campaigns take place within social movements. A social movement is made up of dfferent groups, networks, and individuals moving toward similar systemic goals. Social movements are powerful because their impact is greater than the sum of their parts. If your actions and campaigns synergize and align with others, it can create exponential change. Smart actions and campaign strategies complement the campaigns other groups are working on and amplify impact. Remember, no campaign operates in a vacuum, and your work or actions will impact and be impacted by the work of many others.