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2015 saw the largest number of people forced to flee their homes in recorded history. Worldwide, there are currently 19.5 million refugees and another 38.2 million people displaced within their own countries. In the face of a humanitarian crisis this vast, it’s common to feel powerless – but we are not powerless.

A step by step guide to organizing a Legislative visit. This was written to  oppose Trump's appointees who deny climate change (including Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State), but

A step by step guide to organizing a demonstration event. This was written to support the January 9 Day of Denial event to oppose Trump's appointees who deny climate change, but 

The Pussyhat Project aims to

1) Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington D.C. a means to make a unique collective visual statement which will help activists be better heard.

Don’t assume you have to confront the harasser directly. Directly confronting someone can be risky, because you can become a target, too.

Below are some steps you can take if you have been a victim of a hate crime.